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Reducing CO2 emissions & balancing our planet


We are living a transition era.


The social, economic and environmental crisis of the past years is leading us to rethink our social and economic models and the problems they are arising.


The need for rethinking our societies comes from a survival perspective, but also from an evolutionary point of view, so we can continue to evolve, caring and respecting our planet and all the living beings that inhabit it.


Our solution is this online platform. A colaborative platform for citizenship that will work as a gathering and sharing space so that together we may all create more Sustainable Cities.

Socially, Economically and Environmentally more Sustainable Cities.


May we create more transparent and inclusive Cities.

Raising a citizen consciousness, here and now


“Be happy here and now”

The Secret -  Rhonda Byrne


We are beginning to understand that nothing is scarce. That there is no crisis or resources scarcity unless it is promoted or created. Instead of dedicating so much time and energy to lack of resources or the crisis let us focus our efforts in creating abundance and evolving as species.

Let us focus on the life cycle of our energy sources as well as the products we consume.

Starting from our buildings, our transports, the products we produce and use and the food we need to survive.


We may then create a more balanced and fair civilization.


This change of consciousness requires a lot of effort, but it is a path, a light at the end of the tunnel, green, like our hope in a better future.

Good practices, tools, products and processes


“Value lies not in Having or Being, it lies in Doing”



To heal our cities we first need to examine them. Only with precise data can we design a report and prescribe the proper treatments to apply.


To examine our cities we will share tools that will allow us to measure energy consumption in our buildings, our transports and products.

Tools that will allow us to analyse the energy exchanges in transformation and production processes as well as understanding the life cycle of materials and our energy sources.


In order to treat our cities we share good practices and products that will allow us to intervein in the problems and help us create self regulating systems.


Recycle, Reuse, Restore.


“In Nature nothing is lost, all is transformed”

Antoine Lavoisier

Find and share green ideas, tools or products


“The biggest mistake when thinking about entrepreneurship is to believe it is only about profit.

Entrepreneurship consists especially in creating value for other people. Creating opportunities for meaningful lives and jobs.”


The Coming Prosperity - Philip E. Auerswald


If you have and idea, a project, a tool or a product to help build more Sustainable Cities please explore the tools at the end of this page and share them with other citizens.


We separeted allt he ideas in categories to make viewing and publishing content more simple.


We can all help in adding value and collaborating to improve our cities and environment. We all share the responsibility to act and fix problems, together with confidence and courage.

We all have a brilliant future ahead, the opportunity to create a Green (r)evolution, a green economy and more sustainable cities for years to come.


We are a seed in the Universe, a seed of evolution and balance.








A strong collective conciousness and community


You can share ideas, products and tools in the icons above.

Please contribute with your own views and ideas inside and outside your communities.


Together we will create a strong and fair collective conciousness, distributed worldwide.